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Heathland : Austria also wants its angels’ share !

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If we already know great Austrian wines, it seems that this country can also produce excellent spirits ! So, how do they make quality whiskeys ? What are their secrets to compete with the Irish and Scottish, historical masters of this alcohol ? Answers !

Heathland whiskey is produced in Burgenland, the most oriental and least populated state of Austria. The name is not yet chosen at random, it evokes the steppes and pastures of Seewinkel, the sunniest region of Burgenland. Josef and Erich Etl, the lucky founders of Heathland were convinced : with a good idea and the right place, we can only do exceptional products. So, what are the common points of these great whiskeys ? We tell you everything !


The history of this alcohol

Legend has it that whiskey has participated in, or even spawned, the evangelization of Ireland. Indeed, St. Patrick, a kid from Cornwall, was allegedly kidnapped by pirates and taken to Ireland. Later, he would have learned the methods of distillation among the alchemists in Alexandria and made the Celts discover the joys of alcohol. It would have been much easier to convince them that a god exists.

Over the centuries Irish, Scottish and English have fine-tuned their working methods. It’s only in 1494 that we talk about whiskey. Note that, now, the biggest consumers are the Indians (English colony).


How does Heathland produce quality whiskey ?

From now on this drink is no longer the preserve of the Irish and their neighbors. The Japanese have become references with brands such as Nikka and, Kavalan, the world’s best whiskey according to some amateurs, is a Singaporean brand. So what are the commonalities of these exceptional whiskeys ? You will see that the recipe is always the same : quality products from a terroir of choice, pure water and a neat work !

Good quality primary products : it is with their own barley, which grows on the agricultural lands of the Pannonian Plain of Halbturn, that Heathland is produced. This region offers a dream terroir for whiskey !

A careful malting process : here, fermentation is slow and temperature controlled, with a vacuum cooking process.

Aging in selected barrels : the whiskey is kept in wine barrels selected for the complex aromas they bring to the spirit. This first whiskey was made from an Austrian barrel from the Neusiedlersee region, famous for its strong wines. Heathland spent three years in barrels to give the aroma time to skate.

Finally, the whiskey is bottled (while waiting to be tasted by you).

A special format : after countless design and bottle format tests, Heathland opts for a simple and warm packaging and an original capacity : 0.5 L.


Tasting : the result is authentic


At the tasting, no disappointment ! This Halbturn Pannonian whiskey is a malty whiskey with aromas of vanilla, toasted bread and roasted coffee. At the end of the mouth, notes of creamy caramel brings a round and gourmet finish.

Josef and Erich Etl, have a small family estate of about 15 hectares and they also produce grape and apple juices, dry and sweet white and red wines. They will be delighted to welcome you in their wine bar for you to taste all the products and tell you more about their story. You can also find them on Instagram !




Yours & angels’ share.


More information on the website.

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