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aetheleon : Essential Oils from Premium Greek Herb Varieties

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aetheleon have been using essential oils for years for their own purposes, in natural treatments and wellness remedies, or even as cleaning and disinfecting agents. Their beneficial properties improved everyday life and added to their well-being. However, aetheleon soon started noticing variations in the quality and characteristics of the essential oils they used, realizing that there was lack of reliable information about the origin and quality of essential oils on the market.

This observation led to long and thorough research on aetheleon part, and before they knew it they were experimenting with growing their own Greek herbs organically, and producing small quantities of pure, essential oil of exceptional quality.

aetheleon’s Vision is to contribute to the widespread use of quality Greek endemic herbs and their essential oils by:

  • Providing reliable information on their value and the alternatives they offer.
  • Contributing to scientific research on their characteristics and benefits.
  • Supporting herb cultivation rather than uncontrolled collection from the wild, so that natural habitats are preserved and enhanced.
  • Commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • Building an educational farm, open to everyone interested in our projects.
  • Sharing the knowledge and experience we gain through this ongoing endeavour, with people who believe that their actions, however limited or local, could add to a bigger effort for the changes we want to see around us.

Distinctly aromatic : Essential oils from premium Greek herb varieties that we grow ourselves, carefully selected for their unique aromas and qualities.

Naturally therapeutic : Unique beneficial properties that improve your everyday life, recommended for use in cooking and particularly suitable for natural treatments and wellness remedies.

Organically grown : Certified organic and vegan registered products. Natural, regenerative processes done entirely by hand, with minimum environmental impact, guided by scientific research.

This 2019, aetheleon has joined Singapore Newspaper Taste Awards 2019 and won a gold medal:

Organic Olive Oil

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

You get the unique health benefits of aetheleon Greek oregano organic essential oil added to those of a special organic, extra virgin, cold pressed, single variety Greek olive oil, married in a dressing that tastes like Greek sunshine.

This special olive oil from a local variety grown only in Gera Bay, Lesvos island, is the perfect match for their oregano essential oil. It is selected among more than 30 Greek olive oils, for the balanced combination of its mild, fruity aromas and the health benefits it bears.

The oregano essential oil used for this dressing is produced with a specific procedure that allows its aromas and taste to reach their peak.

Just add a few drops on a slice of toasted bread or vegetables and you have the simplest and tastiest, healthy, immune boosting snack for your office, movie time, picnic, breakfast …. we leave the rest to your imagination…

Apart from its great taste, the polyphenols (oleocanthal and oleacein) and the antioxidants found in this product protect blood lipids from oxidative stress, present important biological activity and have been related with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, cardioprotective and neuroprotective activity.

What is more, children seem to love both its taste and its playful bottle with the medicinal approach…

Drop a ray of Greek sunshine at your dish, with this delicious, immune boosting dressing.

For more information about aetheleon please CLICK HERE:



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