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A liquor of great aromatic complexity by Quantum P&G

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“Plants, soil, climate and cultural practices share with the roots the responsibility for the development, growth and maturation of fruits and their aromas.”

Quantum P&G 

They combine aroma with taste and use the best Portuguese ingredients in unique products. Liqueurs, jams, olive oil, beer are some of the products marketed by Likoris & Aromatikus, which arose from a passion for the sensory experiences of a winemaker.

The idea came after noticing the widespread pleasure of friends in tasting their experiences of flavored spirits, with fruits and spices, which he prepared for convivial dinners. From that moment on, he harmoniously combined the most appreciated aromas until he obtained a unique and divine nectar that was enriched with gold and edible silver, the Likoris.

From Likoris to Aromatikus was a small step, as a way to broaden the product portfolio, with the purpose of creating organic olive oil, craft beer, honey with gold, flavored chocolates and handcrafted organic jams. preserve the original aromas and flavors.

Both Portuguese brands are from Quantum P&G Lda, created with the aim of making known the aromatic richness and genuineness of the flavors of Portugal, giving them an avant-garde and refined image.

Recently, Quantum P&G has joined Singapore Taste Awards 2019 and won a gold medal in this competition:

Likoris Gold and Silver Liqueur

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Characterized by a remarkable aromatic complexity, and surrounding soft flavor, this liquor was obtained by prolonged maceration of various fruits and spices, of biological origin, purity and brandy enriched with pure honey and edible flakes of gold and silver. No ingredients allergens.

Tasting Notes:
Slightly golden color, intense fruity aroma with soft touch of spice and velvety taste with a final persistent mouth.

Fore more information about Quantum P&G please visit their website : www.geral@likorisaromatikus.pt


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