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Vignobles LEVEQUE : A Shared Passion, Discovering the Grands Crus of Bordeaux

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Château Chantegrive belongs to the Lévêque family, enthusiasts wine lovers. All started in 1966 when they purchase 2 hectares of vineyard. Due to the avant-garde vision of Françoise and Henri Lévêque the property gets bigger and extend over more than 96 hectares. The château quickly gained in notoriety and became in 1985 member of the “Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux“. Chantegrive is the first one of the only 3 Châteaux from Graves to be part of the UGCB.

Three years later, in 1988, the Caroline «cuvée» was born. In 2006, the family gave to the property a new turn, by welcoming as adviser the great oenologist Hubert de Bouard from Château Angélus. Today, Château Chantegrive remains a pioneer by continuously improve the environment performance of their wines.

  1. The Sémillon Grape : the grape is the strength of the Caroline «cuvée»; Semillon gives structure, opulence, and “buttery” to the wine, which unlike a pure Sauvignon help it to age better. This grape is the backbone of our «cuvée», it will help greatly to improve its taste through the time.
  2. Château de Chantegrive is first and foremost like a family member that we have nurtured and been proud to see grow over the different vintages. We have come a long way since 1966. Our quest for excellence and understanding of our terroir is on-going. Our signature stands for gourmet wines that are generous and refined. They are the product of the deep gravelly soils of the Graves appellation.

The lands of Graves are near by the terroirs of Sauternes so the wines issue from Graves has the very same characteristics and are distinguished by a remarkable aging capacity. The Caroline «cuvée» will be greatly appreciated in its early age and even more after a few years in your cellar.

  1. Vinification in oak barrels, with light heating is particularly recommended for great white wines, like the Caroline “cuvée”, it will give a delicate exchange between wine and wood. This operation will last nine months and will give to the wine a gorgeous woody aroma and a slightly vanilla note.
  2. The Caroline «cuvée» use the “bâtonnage” method : “Batonnage” is the art to keep the lees in suspension after fermentation in barrels. This ancient Burgundy method, protects the wine from oxidation, preserves the purity of the fruit and gives to the Caroline «cuvée» this buttery yellow aspect.
  3. The interesting evolution of aromas through the time : When tasting the Caroline «cuvée», give you first a nice fresh and harmonious attack; then citrus notes appear, followed by the smoothness of kernel fruits (such as apricot, white peach) ending with the highly popular slight bitterness of grapefruit.

After 2 to 3 years of aging, the buttery brioche side of the “cuvee” will blend with the fruity aromas. The wine then begins to offer a mosaic of aromas that will continue to harmonize over time to achieve more roundness and reveal white flowers notes. After, the taste of grilled almonds and hazelnuts will come, thus sublimating the Caroline “cuvee” by giving it all its complexity and its creamy side.

The «cuvée» Caroline is a tremendous “must-have” in the wine selection of Château Chantegrive. It will find its place in your cellar and will be the perfect match with grilled fish, white meat, or seafood.

  1. Above everything Chantegrive is managed by Marie-Hélène Lévèque and a remarkably kind, professional and open-minded team.
  2. At Château de Chantegrive, the transition to High Environmental Value certification was a natural process. We were, in fact, one of the first 100 properties in Gironde to be certified HVE at level 3, the highest level.
  3. With the creation of our ‘OISEAUX DE CHANTEGRIVE’ series of wines in 2020, we inaugurated our very own bird sanctuary on the property. We counted over forty species present in our vineyards and hope to be able to observe even more, with the help of the French League for the Protection of Birds in the years to come. ( PDF included )

L’origine – Les oiseaux de Chantegrive

L’Origine is our ‘easy drinking’ wine, pure red fruit. A red wine adored by all, which seduces by its generosity. The wine is made from grapes that come from our plots of young vines. It is the little brother of our Chantegrive label.
Le Panache – Les oiseaux de Chantegrive

This is a cuvée of Sauvignon and Semillon that is so like a Burgundy. Refrigerated from the moment the grapes arrive at the cellar and macerated at length, fermentations, and ageing take place over 9 months in French oak barrels. Creamy, even buttery, an elegant blend of long-lasting exuberant fresh fruit flavors.
La Pureté – Les oiseaux de Chantegrive

“Pureté” is our full-fruit white wine, aged in stainless steel vats on the lees, which are regularly stirred. It is a wonderfully fresh white Graves, born of our gravelly soil and finding strength in the depths of our millenia-old limestone subsoil.

Vignobles LEVEQUE recently competed in the SINGAPORE WINE & SPIRIT AWARDS 2021, winning FOUR GOLD MEDAL AWARDS and TWO SILVER MEDAL AWARDS in this renowned competition:

Château de Chantegrive Rouge- 50% Merlot – 50% Cabernet Sauvignon /GRAVES (Bordeaux)/2013

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Cuvée Caroline – 50% Sémillon – 45% Sauvignon Blanc – 5% Sauvignon Gris/GRAVES (Bordeaux)/2018

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

La Pureté- 60% Sémillon – 40% Sauvignon Blanc/GRAVES (Bordeaux)/ 2018/2019

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

L’Origine- 60% Merlot – 40% Cabernet Sauvignon /GRAVES (Bordeaux)/2018

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Château de Chantegrive BLANC- 50% Sémillon – 50% Sauvignon Blanc/GRAVES (Bordeaux)/2016

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

La Panache- 50% Sémillon-45% Sauvignon Blanc-5% Sauvignon Gris/Graves (Bordeaux)/2017/2018/2019

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


Question 1: Do you already export to Singapore ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in Singapore ?

Yes, we already have exported to Singapore with Corndale company, but only for our limited edition Henri Leveque cuvée.  

Corndale – Fine And Rare Wine Merchant Singapore

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

Vinification in oak barrels, the “bâtonnage” method, High Environmental Value Level 3.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

We started exporting our wine worldwide since 1989; when Caroline was born. Our plan is to develop more in the Asian market.

Thank you  Ms. LOUISA NGUYEN for your time and answers !

For more information about Vignobles LEVEQUE please visit their website:


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