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Schmelzer`s Biodynamic Wines

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Raw Rocks. Vibrant wines from Schmelzer. Wines that have not seen the end of their potential after 20 years of maturing and more. Since 2013 two fascinating new lines have been vinified: Sulphur-free, Unfiltered, Orange. All wines are convincing like honest handshakes.

At the Schmelzer winery they live and work according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamics has its roots in the Anthroposophical philosophy of Rudolf Steiner, who in the 1920’s held a series of lectures for interested farmers and landowners under the title “Agricultural Course”.

The focus is on the holistic view of agriculture and the respectful treatment of nature. The management integrates optimally into the cycle of nature and supports their natural processes in the best possible way. The aim of biodynamic viticulture is the revitalization of the soil and the promotion and maintenance of its permanent fertility.

Schmelzer’s biodynamic wines are the product of a holistic view of agriculture. Our central idea lies in the active engagement with the natural processes. Our goal is to create a natural balance that integrates our work into the ecological cycle.

The biodynamic viticulture goes far beyond the pure biological / ecological agriculture in its claims: in addition to the absolute renouncement of pesticides and chemical pesticides, we work only with what nature gives us: biodynamic preparations of dung, horn, crystals and plant extracts invigorate the Soil and strengthen the vines. Bees and other beneficial organisms are attracted by the colorful flower meadow between our vineyard rows and take care of the fertilization of the vine.







This is rreicht using biodynamic preparations which the “earthly” (eg: the nutrients in the soil) (: sunlight and heat, for example) reinforce as well as the “cosmic” growth factors.

These preparations consist partly of horn and dung for the soil, partly of ground crystals (mountain quartz) and extracts or infusions of plants (eg: field horsetail), which are applied in homeopathic dosage on soil and plants. They promote the metabolism of plants, store heat and light, strengthen the vines and make them resistant.

They process their vineyards according to Demeter guidelines and thus exceed the requirements of organic wine growing by far! We not only do without the use of pesticides and chemical pesticides, we also use many biodynamic preparations to stimulate the soil and keep the vine healthy. The goal of our work is not maximization, but the harmonization and support of nature in its fertility – year after year.

They vinify dry and sweet wines. They give the red wines matured in oak barrels the time necessary to shape their characters. They do not sell them until their taste profile has developed as typical of the variety. Their white wines are also carefully and largely by hand vinifiziert, they also has the technique in favor of the original taste to a minimum. In the fall of 2013, they presented for the first time our sulfur-free and unfiltered wines “Zauber des Abstichts” and “Schlicht und grasreifend”.

This 2019, Schmelzer`s Weingut has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beer Competition and won 5 gold medal. Here are the list ow wines:

Grüner Veltliner – Austria – 2017

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Zweigelt – Austria – 2015

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Schlicht und ergreifend – Orange Cuvèe – Austria – 2015

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Schlicht und ergreifend Orange – Frühroter Veltliner – Austria – 2016 + 2017

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Zauber des Verzichts – Roesler – Austria – 2015

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Zauber des Verzichts – Rosè – Austria – 2017

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

These wines were made and filled only by gravity or muscle power.

Importers and Distributor, looking for biodynamic wine!

Visit Schmelzer`s Weingut HERE:

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