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Organic Bulgarian Wines by Orbelus Organic Winery (JSC)

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ORBELUS ORGANIC WINERY JSC was created in 2000. Its aim is to develop projects in the field of organic agriculture and production. Today, the major focus of our activities is to produce organic wines from organically grown grapes in accordance with the EC requirements.

Orbelus is Bulgarian winery, which is housed in unique building in the shape of a barrel. Its wines are appreciated and purchased worldwide.

Orbelus Organic Winery (JSC - Singapore Newspaper

Orbelus’s main goal is to produce quality, mostly coupled wine, with an accentuated individuality and a sense of origin. The philosophy of the cellar is that in order to achieve this result the work begins by choosing the most suitable place and varieties and cultivation of the vineyards. That is why the wines named Orbelus – Orbelus Melnik, Orbelus Getaika and Orbulls Prima are made only from their own organic vines.

All the vineyards are cultivated using organic methods. The warm and reasonably dry climate of the Melnik region makes it relatively easy to grow extremely high quality grapes without the use of synthetic chemical vineyard products.

Orbelus Organic Winery (JSC - Singapore Newspaper

In 2006- 2007 all hectares of vineyards which they planted were certified by Balkan BioCert as in conversion to organic. Balkan BioCert is the designated certification agency for the Institute for Market Ecology, Switzerland (IMO), one of the most respected organic certification bodies in the world.
We offer for the time being 5 blends of red dry wine , 2 blends of white wines and one blend of rose in 750 cc bottles.

This 2019, Orbelus Organic Winery (JSC) has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won a gold medal and a silver medal in this competition:


Orbelus Melnik – 2015

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Orbelus Getika – 2015

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


The company offers a rich selection of red and white wines and rose!

Please Visit Orbelus Organic Winery (JSC) HERE:

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