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Neptune Rum : The Famous Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados

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Neptune Rum is distilled and aged at a family owned Rum Distillery set within a former 17th century sugar-cane plantation at the southern end of the island of Barbados where the climate produces exceptional Rum.

• Made from pure sugar cane molasses – no added sugar.

• Created in a mix of pot and column stills.

• Aged in American oak bourbon casks for a distinct flavour profile.

• Cold filtered in a unique Neptune process for a truly delicious taste and cut with a rare and specific mineral water.

A beautifully smooth pot and column stilled rum that’s been lovingly aged in American bourbon oak casks is a blend of 8,5, and 3 year old aged Rums. Smooth pepper warmth instantly blends to the perfect balance of ripe banana and toast followed by vanilla, pastry and warm spice to find a sublime partnership.

This 2019, Neptune Rum has joined Singapore Newspaper Wines, Spirits & Beers Competition and won a gold medal in this competition:

Neptune Rum Gold

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

A heady distillation of sugar-cane molasses from the Caribbean island of Barbados, Neptune golden rum is matured in oak casks for three long years for an intense and full-bodied flavour.

Neptune rum is produced at the famous Four Square Rum Distillery.

Tasting Notes

AROMAS:Perfect balance of ripe banana and toast, followed by vanilla, pastry and warm spice.
TASTE:Rich, oaky and sharp.
BODY:Rounded with a smooth finish

Origin: Barbados
ABV: 40%
Size: 70cl/700ml
Allergen: NA

A high-quality International award winning rum. A real treat to everyone!

For more details please visit Neptune Rum HERE:

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