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Natural Sparkling Mineral Water with gentle fizz Perlage

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The history of the Cisowianka mineral water began in 1979, when it was first extracted from aquifers. Its name comes from the health resort “Cisy” invented by Stefan Żeromski and described in Homeless People.

At first, the Cisowianka mineral water was available only in the Lublin region, where it quickly became liked and popular water.

At that time, the greatest good of the people’s homeland was coal, even known as black gold. Cisowianka mineral water was so good that Silesia readily accepted it as an equivalent for the coal shipped.

In Silesia, Cisowianka water quickly became very fashionable and popular. Its popularity among the working people of Silesian towns and villages was so great that it quickly became a scarce commodity, which, after being “thrown” into the store, very quickly disappeared from it, and a bottle of Cisowianka could always deal with a few “impossible” matters.

The golden times for Cisowianka came with the 21st century. It was then that this natural mineral water was known and loved by all of Poland. Currently, we can enjoy it not only in our country. Cisowianka in the Perlage version is dynamically entering foreign markets. The blue bottle already has its devoted fans, for example on the Arabian peninsula, where luxury customers choose only the best.

What distinguishes Cisowinaka is special care to meet customer expectations. The world is rushing forward, consumer needs are changing and we are trying to keep pace with these changes. Hence the wide range of our mineral water – elegant small bottles of Cisowianka Perlage, comfortable sports bottles, cans and other types of packaging. Cisowianka is water for everyone, for every possible occasion.

When you drive through the charming surroundings of Nałęczów to the Cisowianka water bottling plant, you do not expect to see such a view. Among the hilly terrain, you can see a huge, very modern plant, where all the buildings are inscribed in the landscape. And one more thing that amazes after getting out of the car – it’s very quiet there. You can hardly hear the machines working, no engines whirring, no turbine noise. 

The plant where Cisowianka is spilled is one of the most modern in Europe. Just below it, about 100 meters into the ground, there are natural mineral water. This is important because thanks to this, the water avoids long transport in pipes, during which undesirable factors can penetrate it. 

On over 20,000 square meters, under the roof, there are 8 bottling lines, separate for glass and separate for cans. To get to them, employees go through special ultra-modern rooms, so that they do not bring even the smallest pollen into the production hall. The temperature in the hall is always the same, the pressure is very high and the air is constantly exchanged. This is due to the fact that the water does not come into contact with chemicals at any stage of pouring – hence special procedures to keep it perfectly clean. A very technologically advanced laboratory watches over the safety of water throughout the bottling process. 

The water bottles in the pallets go to the high bay warehouse, which has its own inventory management system. At the warehouse, a dozen or so loading docks are waiting for cars to take water to the stores. If we add to this the unique Water & Wine restaurant concept and stylish offices with panoramic windows, decorated in a minimalist but very elegant way, we have a full picture of one of the most modern plants in Europe, which at the same time harmonizes with the surrounding nature.

Very recently, Nałęczów Zdrój Sp. z o. o joined Singapore Awards 2021 and won a GOLD Medal in this prestigious competition:

Natural mineral water with gentle fizz Perlage

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Perlage is a natural mineral water bottled at the source in the Nałęczów Spa area. For more than 250 years the region is famous for its specific microclimate and sanatorium complex which specializes in curing cardiovascular problems and hypertension. Thanks to its mineralization and low sodium level Perlage is recommended for people with health issues such as heart and blood pressure disorders.

Perlage is bottled with using specially created technology of saturating natural mineral water with carbon dioxide of natural origin. Thanks to this unique method the bubbles are very small and release slowly. It is perfect for sparkling water lovers as well as for those who prefer still one. The delicate fizziness is similar to one you may find in high quality sparkling wines. Subtle water taste, low sodium level and these tiny bubbles (which clean the taste buds) make this water a superb companion of food and wine.

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