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Marketing tactics to help your business adapt during the COVID-19 crisis

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In the wider global context, many hospitality businesses have stopped doing business altogether for now. For those continuing to trade, the new reality is that they must largely focus their efforts on delivery and takeaway. To make that succeed and keep revenue going, clever marketing is essential. This means tailoring your tactics to adjust to the new reality, rather than employing all the usual methods.

And recently Conor Ward of www.flipdish.com published a recommendation; a range of strategies for managers and owners to consider, which could help to maintain sales and business profile during this challenging period.

1. Communication is key

In all sorts of circumstances, but especially in a time of crisis, strong and clear communication is vital.

“One of the best ways to overcome the current fear and uncertainty is to communicate. People like to know what’s happening, as we all like to be reassured. It’s important to take the lead on communication to your customers, so they are informed from the right sources. Your customers want to know that you’re on top of this situation, so let them know.”

You can reassure your customers that you’re dealing with the crisis through digital channels, such as social media, simple emails, text message notifications and joining competition to market your product at reasonable price. Join Singapore Taste Awards now here and get importers and distributors.

2. Creative promotions for the current climate

With on-site trading no longer possible for many, we recommended the promotion of delivery and takeaway options. “That’s really what consumers want right now.

With people now largely confined to their home for days and weeks, we advised focusing on current societal trends and consumer habits, such as binge watching Netflix shows while enjoying their favourite food – clearly not an entirely new trend, but certainly more popular in the current climate!

This presents an opportunity for restaurants offering delivery, as promotions can be built around these trends, such as tying in with popular shows or offering all-day deals to keep things very relevant.

3. Building a sense of community 

One positive aspect to emerge from this crisis, despite the physical distancing measures that are in place, is the sense of community spirit resulting from everyone being in this struggle together.

Some restaurants have reached out to help in their communities, by providing food to local hospitals and frontline workers. This certainly puts our industry in a positive light, contributing and being at the heart of these efforts. This can generate a huge amount of goodwill among customers, both for now and beyond this crisis.

4. Final Thoughts

There’s absolutely no denying that this crisis presents a huge challenge for the hospitality sector all over the world. The coming weeks and months are sure to bring great difficulty for many businesses.

However, there are some practical things you can do to stay on track during the crisis, and a little creativity could go a long way. You may even find that digital strategies and developing the online side of your business opens up new opportunities for growth. Ultimately, it is possible to overcome this challenge and continue thriving well into the future.

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