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Interview of Alexandre Petit, Jury Member for Singapore Awards 2021

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Mr. Alexandre Petit answered our questions during the tasting of session 4 of the Singapore Wines Awards 2021.

Alexandre Petit is responsible for selections and purchases for 2 major import groups located in Taipei (for Mainland China and Taiwan) and Hong Kong for more than 10 years. His expertise in wine is highly recognized in Asia. In particular, he was selected by the 7-Eleven Group and other retail chains in China with more than 15,000 stores that has been communicating its expertise directly in stores for many years and still today.

How are the tastings of the 4th edition of Singapore Wine & Spirits Awards 2021?

All the tastings for the Singapore Awards sessions went very well, despite the covid. Apart from some logistical problems due to the slowdown in international transport, and less travel to do tastings directly at international fairs, the whole competition was able to be maintained.

How do you see the evolution of the markets in the years to come?

I believe that the market will continue to develop by emphasising the quality of taste of wines, beers and spirits, with a growing trend for organic products.

Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and accustomed to consuming higher quality beverages, and are becoming more demanding about what they buy.

The trend is therefore towards a permanent increase in purchase prices, lower consumption per person but with an increasing number of consumers, and an ever greater emphasis on quality.

Finally, what do you think a competition like Singapore Wines & Spirits Awards can bring to producers who want to export to Asia?

As Singapore has an image of prestige and luxury, with very demanding consumers and distributors, a medal in the Singapore Awards will be recognised throughout Asia.

The jury is increasingly demanding for the Singapore Awards, as we have to evolve our criteria in relation to the taste and research criteria of consumers.

As their buying habits become more sophisticated, we are adapting the competition to these new habits.

This will further enhance the value of the Singapore Awards medals from 2022 onwards.

This interview was done during the tasting of the Singapore Wines & Spirits Awards 2021 session 4. To register your wines, beers and spirits at Singapore Awards 2022 , do it by clicking here.

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