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Global Coop SAC/Marca: The best Premium Chocolates and Specialty Cafés in Peru

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Bakáu means cocoa in the language of the Awajun native community, a community that used cacao for hundreds of years. They inhabit the Peruvian northeaster considered scientific studies as the center of origin of the species Theobroma cacao, from where cocoa was dispersed to the rest of the world.

Juliana López and Sandro Aquino founding partners of Global Coop SAC, met in this region, Lamas, San Martín, the region with the highest production of cocoa in Peru. Sandro arrives like agronomist from Chanchamayo (land of coffee) through the Alternative Development Program of the United Nations.

Juliana as the daughter of cocoa producers and Sandro as the son of coffee producers and agronomists are aware, of the sacrificed work of producing these grains, an effort that is not compensated by low prices; for this reason they decide to add value to cocoa and coffee; making premium chocolates with fine peruvian native cocoa and roasting specialty coffees.

Global Coop SAC/Marca - Singapore Newspaper

In Peru there are 06 clusters of the 10 described in the study; Geographic and Genetic Population Differentiation of the Amazonian Chocolate Tree (Theobroma cacao L) made by Motomayor et al, 2018. Unfortunately in Peru, for many reasons, especially to seek high productivity, cocoa plantations have been propagated with introduced varieties; leaving aside the native cocoa and with risk of losing these traditional varieties used hundreds of years ago; aware of the high sensory quality of these native cocoas from Peru and conscious of the risk they run to disappear; we decided to add value and show the world the quality of these cocoa beans, so Bakau only produces Premium Chocolate with fine flavor Peruvian native cocoa beans.

Currently Global Coop SAC/Marca work their chocolates with a collection of 6 native cocoa from different regions of Peru. These cocoa beans combined with Peruvian superfoods such as quinoa, golden berry (Inca berry), maca (Lepidium peruvianum) among others to not only promote the consumption of premium chocolate in the world, but also they promote the consumption of other Peruvian native superfoods.

Global Coop SAC/Marca - Singapore Newspaper

Global Coop SAC/Marca as agronomists and specialists in the cocoa chain, they train their associates in plantation management, harvesting and the post-harvest process. This guarantees them the high quality of cocoa beans, which is then compensated with two to three times the price of the local market. This joint work allows them to develop a reliable long-term relationship “win to win”.

Global Coop SAC/Marca structured work on the origin of their cocoa beans, systematic, disciplined and innovative brought a result, that in four years they have been awarded with 40 MEDALS: 

  • 04 Medallas 2016 Peruvian Championship
  • 10 Medallas 2017 Peruvian Championship
  • 08 Medallas 2018 Peruvian Championship
  • 04 Medallas 2018 American Championship Nueva York
  • 04 Medallas 2018 World Championship Londres
  • 02 Medals 2018 World Championship Florencia

This 2019, Global Coop SAC/Marca awarded 5 gold medals and 3 silver medals with total of 8 Medals  won in 2019 Singapore Chocolate Awards.

Global Coop SAC/Marca - Singapore Newspaper

Bacau Chuncho-Cuzco 75%

Bakau Blanco-Piura 75%

Bakau Bella Vista-San Martin 75%

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Global Coop SAC/Marca - Singapore Newspaper


Bakau Tres Quinuas 67%

Bakau Aguaymanto Sal De Maras 65%

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Global Coop SAC/Marca - Singapore Newspaper

Bakau Macambo 70%

Bakau Maca 67%

Bakau Kión 67%

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Global Coop SAC/Marca work not only to show the world the high quality of Peruvian cocoa, but also to show the world that it is possible to produce high quality chocolates in a cocoa origin country. They want to achieve what France achieved with the wines; They want to make known the varieties of fine flavor peruvian native cocoa in the world, through their chocolates made with varieties of cocoa such as “Chuncho” from Cusco, “Blanco” from Piura, “Bellavista” from San Martín among many others.

For more details visit Global Coop SAC/Marcawww.info@bakauperu.com


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