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Feel Good Company ApS : RATION Food Bars, The Better Bite

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RATION is a best friend on busy days where low blood sugar threatens to destroy the good mood and increases the risk of bad decisions and results. The food bars are real snack meals, full of slowly released energy ensuring long lasting satiety, and easy to take anywhere on the go.

When the blood sugar is at its low in the afternoon, even small challenges may seem difficult. It is not far from irritation to frustration, and suddenly calorie and sugar-containing bars and other quick solutions seem tempting and necessary to avoid a sugar crash. But instead of falling for unhealthy sugary temptations, many look for a healthier snack. In contrast to candy and chocolate, RATION provides stable blood sugar and no hot-headed responses. RATION food bar is not a sugar snack or choc bar – but a solid and sensible little snack that keeps the brain sharp and frustration at bay.

A food snack – what is it? 

RATION is a food snack because it is created as an easy, in-between meal, not just a snack that causes the stomach to rumble again and send blood sugars sky high. It is a natural product that ensures satiety, stable blood sugar and good nutrition, without compromising taste. The rough and slightly uneven consistency is due to the content of whole grains, making it necessary to chew the food bar for a reason: Thorough chewing activates the digestive system and sends a full-up message to the brain, making RATION a better bite for the body. RATION is based on the New Nordic Nutrition recommendations (NNN), with a good distribution of nutrients, focusing on fruit and vegetables, whole grains, fiber, protein and healthy Omega3 fatty acids. No artificial additives, only pure natural ingredients.

Developed by dietitian 

The bars are developed by professional dietitians and athletes, who has drawn on longstanding experience and extensive knowledge of nutrition. The goal was to create a healthy and nutritious solution that supports the New Nordic Nutrition recommendations (NNN) – without being boring. In total, there are six flavours in the series: Ginger amp; Mild Chili; Beetroot, Carrot amp; Lemon; Apple & Rhubarb; Apple amp; Cinnamon Mint & lime and the most popular with Mango, Passion amp; Apple.

New: Delicious mango with a bite in 

The most popular member of the RATION family sends thoughts and taste buds on journeys to the Caribbean. The sweet exotic mango and passion fruit are complemented by the whole apple, found in all the RATION food bars in the form of both purée and apple pieces. For the same reason, the food bar counts as one of the pieces of fruit and veg a day. The bar is filled with whole oat kernels, which ensures good fibers, and finally it is coated with yogurt that gives the taste that last delicious sparkle.

RATION bars are the only ones that is based on one whole Grannyt Smith apple in each bar. This in combination with 20% of fibers from whole oats, which in combination gives consumers the benefit of a long satiety and stable blood sugar.  

Very recently, Feel Good Company ApS has joined Singapore Taste Awards 2020 and RATION Food Bars won Gold Medal in this prestigious competition.

Interview of Mr. Tommy Lade Christensen – Chief Sales Officer

Question 1: Do you already export to Singapore ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in Singapore ? 

At the moment we work with Asia out of Japan where we have a local office (RATION Japan Ltd.). At present we do not have any export to Singapore, but we are very much open to discuss corporations with food importers and retailers working in the convenience, retail and travel retail industries.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

RATION bars are the only ones that is based on one whole Grannyt Smith apple in each bar. This in combination with 20% of fibers from whole oats, which in combination gives consumers the benefit of a long satiety and stable blood sugar.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ? 

We startet our export business back in 2018, and today we are working with partners in UK, Germany, Japan and USA.

For more information about Feel Good Company ApS please CLICK HERE:

Contact Mr. Tommy Lade Christensen @ sales@feelgoodcompany.dk

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