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Conservas Mª Asun Velar : The highest quality anchovies from the expert hands of the women of Cantabria

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The Conservas Mª Asun Velar is a family business founded in 1990 and located in the Cantabrian municipality of Castro Urdiales, is characterized by the artisanal elaboration of all its products, and to obtain the quality of their products they select the best raw material of each of the coastal, Cantabrian anchovy (spring) and northern bonito (summer) obtained in the main brotherhoods of the area. It’s combine this with the optimal oil for each of them.

Conservas Mª Asun Velar are dedicated to the elaboration of preserves of bonito in olive oil and marinade, semiconservation of Cantabrian anchovies in vegetable oil and anchovies in vinegar with olive oil.

Conservas Mª Asun Velar facilities of raw material is completely manual without the help of any technology or machinery, the method followed in the elaboration is the handmade one.

For the preparation of each of the processes for every product they have the highly qualified team, with extensive experience and knows all the secrets method.

The work done by Conservas Mª Asun Velar for 29 years has led us to win these years awards at the Great Taste Awards , considered the ‘Oscars’ of food, in which a total of 400 judges from different countries and sectors of the culinary field, from chefs and food critics to agri-food producers and distributors.

Very recently, Conservas Mª Asun Velar has joined Singapore Taste Award 2020 and won a gold medal in this competition:

Achoa XL fillets in sunflower oil ok

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

In addition to salted anchovies they also prepare Boquerón in vinegar , with the best Cantabrian fishing and all the security. We freeze the product to comply with current regulations and make the product with the highest quality.

They have created a range of Gildas as varied as exquisite: gildas of anchovies, anchovies, anchovies with pepper or anchovies with joy from La Rioja . The mixture in the mouth of the best anchovies, anchovies, olives, piparras, peppers or Rioja joy make these products the star of any appetizer.

They also have artisan anchovy or bonito pudding , without preservatives, dyes, animal fats or potato starch, 100% natural.

In addition, pickled mussels of the highest quality.

For more information about Conservas Mª Asun Velar please CLICK HERE:

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