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Azienda Agricola Giol: A winery of organic and vegan wines with highest quality

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“Our wines are intact and natural, respecting the typicality of grapes. You can smell the scent of the earth, the whisper of the wind, the passion in the vineyard. ” – Azienda Agricola Giol 

For Azienda Agricola Giol the link with the territory is very close, they are working to enhance it and make it better known also through their wines and their Ancient Wineries. Since 1987, they have been vinifying the grapes of their historic farms with organic farming techniques, respecting the environment and the raw material.

Since 2009  Azienda Agricola Giol produce wines with no added sulfites. High quality wines, like ours, are better if produced without the use of sulphites because they have more authentic aromas, are more pleasant in the mouth, are more digestible. The flavor follows a natural maturation of the aromas, without added substances that alter the sensory experience. That’s why we believe in authenticity.

Since 1427 , in the Giol estate, men of wine have handed down experience, tradition and local culture of making wine. This ancient wine cellar of extraordinary emotional impact , is a complex not affected by time that influences and surprises with a frame of lime trees and wisteria lined with a stream of spring water.


The Wine should be a food: pure organic grape juice fermented as poorly as possible.
Many details during processing allow us to respect the balance of musts and wines and to enhance the organoleptic heritage without distorting it or covering it with oenological adjuvants.
The olfactory and taste buds pick up the signals that the wine communicates to our senses and are able to perceive the danger of artificial substances when they come into contact with it: they protect themselves, close themselves and can therefore no longer perform their natural function.
A pure wine like ours, not weighed down by the many wine making “shortcuts” does not hit the taste buds, does not offend them but brings them closer and backs; the reward for this natural empathy is as banal as it is evident, especially in the palate: wines that are pleasant to drink, balanced, harmonious and balanced.

Recently, Azienda Agricola Giol has joined Singapore International Competition (Wines Spirits & Beers) and won a Gold and Silver medal in this competition:


Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


At the sight it has a straw yellow color, a fine and elegant perfume with a delicate bouquet of peach, yellow fruit and dry hay. It is a dry, balanced and harmonious wine that effectively strengthens the sensations already perceived by the sense of smell. Excellent with lean appetizers, with soups and in broth, fish-based preparations with grilled sauces, ham and melon, soufflé. Serving temperature 10-12 °.


Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper



Sparkling wine with a fine and persistent perlage with a pale straw yellow color with greenish reflections, a fruity aroma, good intensity, notes of white pulp fruit, apple and peach, and with floral notes of wisteria and acacia flowers; the bouquet is completed with hints of bread rind and yeast. The taste is characterized by a pleasantly sour taste, good structure, pleasant and harmonious, delicately dry. Excellent as an aperitif and for toasts, it goes well with dry pastries. It goes nicely with pasta dishes and risottos, vegetable appetizers and light fish, dry soups or in broth. Serve at 8-10 degrees.


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