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Castle of Plassac : products in pure French traditions, the history in heritage

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Plassac is the association of a sumptuous castle, a small family vineyard and ancestral and traditional methods. The French history is here at the service of products ! Discovering a superb terroir and one of his favorite winery.

In Charentes Maritime, not far from Cognac, is the small vineyard of Plassac.

Formerly owned by the Duke of Epernon, one of the main characters of the French nobility, the winery is taken over by the Dampierre family, who has since continued to perpetuate the ancestral traditions and to make this exceptional cultural heritage flourish.


Millennial traditions

The 20 hectares of vineyards surrounding the castle benefit from optimal production conditions : a large part of the vineyards is located inside the property’s walls, which allows to obtain the best quality juices possible, and it is undoubtedly because at this place the vine enjoys an exceptional sunlight that our ancestors had chosen this superb terroir !

Always worked in the great cellar of the eighteenth century, old cognacs and pineau des Charentes are magnificent products ! Artisanal, assembled by traditional methods … A cultural heritage unchanged for centuries that seems to still have good days ahead !


A small historic wine estate of more than 500 years…

The Château de Plassac is a vineyard on a human scale where Jean-Louis de Nogaret, lord of Valletta and Caumont, Duke of Epernon, had taken up residence over 500 years ago. Favorite of kings Henry III, IV and Louis XIII, and enemy of Richelieu, the duke will be one of the leading characters of the time.

For 200 years, 8 generations, the castle belongs to the Dampierre family, which has enlarged while preserving the original building.


 And a sublime castle, more than 200 years old…

This family history takes root in 1772, when the current building, designed by the architect Victor Louis, is built to replace the old castles of the 12th century. Upper loft, roofs covered with slates, “Italian room”, stone staircase and black and gold wrought iron railing, private suites, outbuildings, courtyards, balustrade, sculptures, etc. The castle is a jewel.

Again, we walk in the footsteps of history. A taste of yesteryear , like a madeleine of Proust.


Tasting side, it’s always success !


Cognac XO, signature of the winery, presented in a beautiful gift box in old oak barrels (to work in an ecological and ethical way), offers vanilla, spicy and exotic notes, round and ample.

Napoleon cognac is clear in the mouth with aromas of fresh and light pear and caramelized apples, but this spirit also have a nice structure.

And the inevitable pineau des Charentes, white or red, already also widely rewarded by professional critics.

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