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Wine goes organic

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Winemaker CHATEAU MONTPEZAT continues to spread its chemical free vines.

Château de Montpeza’s signature Les Enclos Blanc OC IGP,  Les Enclos Rouge OC IGP, Chichery Rouge Languedoc AOP and Palombières Languedoc AOP  are among its first wines to be certified organic and recently awarded in our Singapore News. All are available for online on the Château de Montpeza online site. They are rated 91/100 by Robert Parker.

Since the 16th century, Château de Montpezat has been spreading its vines in the heart of Languedoc. Its wines come from a sustainable and environmental friendly culture since 1988. They shun any synthetic chemicals, pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers in their vineyards and produce high quality wines.

Laurance and Christophe Blanc In-charge of the family domain since 1990 says: ” We believe that by respecting nature, wCHATEAU_ MONTPEZAT_Singapore_Newspapere get higher quality products. Hence have been chemical-free for more than 20 years. Becoming organic-certified in 2012 was naturally the next step for us. We work with low yield in order to preserve our vines and soils and to guarantee the best quality grapes. Moreover, every step of the process, from the culture to the harvest and then the vinification is managed by our family. This guarantees that the best care is taken in order to produce our best winesevery year.”

At present, the company have been exporting their wines in Europe (since 1990) and received good recognition. The wines have been awarded in both national and regional contests for several years in a row in Holland for instance. After Europe, in 1998 they started exporting in the US and their development plan for the next 2 years is to focus on the Asian region: initiate new markets in Singapore and Hong-Kong and further develop in Japan.  The company believe that their wines can be appreciated in the said countries as its proven to be demanding for good quality wine.

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