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Tokaj Excellence : Wine specialties are based on furmint and linden grapes

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Tokaj Excellence winery’s foundations were laid in 2014 with the purchase of some land in Tállya, followed by Mád and Rátka. The majority of the high – lying areas are set in a mystical climate of wind-swept, bird-filled countryside.

The abandoned and outdated capitals have been replaced by modern plantations that are now being harvested. Tokaj Excellence are looking forward to the harvest in the coming years, when their wines will be able to include the fruits of the capitals they have planted.

Tokaj Excellence also looked after productive vineyards, the fruits of which are aged in barrels. The home-grown vineyards come from the Nyrjes, Bojták, Hermit, Sipos, Useful, Rohos, körtánc, Rékka Kerék-oak, and Bádek, Vilmány vineyards in Tállya – typically for reductive processing, but they also use barrel maturation depending on consumer demand.

Tokaj Excellence first wine series dates back to the 2016 harvest, and their product line has grown steadily since then. In their cellar, white dry, semi-dry, and sweet wines, late harvest wines, and Tokaj wine specialties – szamorodni, translation, asz, essence – are matured.

Tokaj Excellence mainly use technological procedures in accordance with the regulations of the Tokaj PDO, as well as the PGI of Upper Hungary, the Zemplén PGI. Our offer includes furmint, linden, yellow muscat varieties and cuvées made from them. Tokaj Excellence wine specialties are based on furmint and linden grapes.

Over the years, the size of Tokaj production area has increased to over 30 hectares, and due to continuous technological developments, the wine-growing capacity follows the growing demands. The center of the winery and business is located in the Tokaj Excellence Tray. An important principle in the development of their business is the discovery of new technologies and unknown paths in both viticulture and winemaking, keeping in mind the traditions characteristic of the wine region.

Very recently, Tokaj Excellence has joined Singapore Awards 2021 and won a Two Gold Medal Award and a Silver Medal Award in this prestigious competition:

EX-LIBRIS – Furmint/Tokaj – 2018

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The name Ex-Libris can be traced back to the Lippóczy family, who were the famous ex-libris collectors and contemporary wine merchants of contemporary Hungary, cultivating Polish-Hungarian friendship and business relations. Our present winery building was once home to the Lippóczy family, the nectars were made in the wine house on the lower level of the building and are still made today.

This fresh reductive wine is meant to commemorate and bring forward the excellent notes of dry furmint.

The estate wine, made from the fruits of several vineyards, carries the characteristics of the variety with 12.5% ​​vol alcohol, lively acids and a negligible residual sugar content.

Recommended for all those who prefer lighter wines with lower alcohol content.

Tokaj Szamorodni/Tokaj – 2018

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The Word of polish origin “szamorodni”- being used since 1828 – refers to the method of preparing. The whole and desiccated berries of grape are processed together – so they can be nearly as good quality as a 3 Puttonyos Tokaji Aszú. Szamorodni is one of the most popular quality wines of the Tokaj wine-growing area – due to its particular flavour and amber looking.

Late Harvest – Hárslevelű&Furmint/Tokaj – 2018

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

The Tokaj Wine Region has proven in recent years that it has not only been able to create world-class with sweet wines, but also to gain a reputation in the world of dry wines. Consumers who prefer sweet Tokaj wine are also worth exploring the world of dry Tokaj. In addition to minimal residual sugar, this wine has a special, mineral taste in order for the consumer to experience the Tokaj furmint experience as a whole. After reductive fermentation, the wine was enriched with 6 months of barrel maturation. Fruity, almond aromas give the taste experience with an alcohol content of 14% vol. Recommended for lovers of characterful, classic furmint.

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