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The Highest Quality Wine of Bottwartaler Winzer

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The Bottwartaler Winzer are a strong community of quality wine gardeners, who have joined in 1966 in the cooperative and understand the wine industry in Bottwartal as a cultural mission. Bottwartaler Winzer main crops are classic Trollinger and Lemberger, the white Riesling and Kerner, with white and Pinot Gris play an increasingly important role here.

With Bottwartaler Winzer membership and the resulting area size, they are considered a medium-sized wine producer and this is an advantage. It gives us the opportunity to try out new things, to follow trends, to launch innovations in smaller quantities and to present them to their customers. These are all advantages for their customers ….

Most of their winemaker families farm only very small parcels. How fortunate! With care and love they only produce the best and healthy grapes. Ideal conditions for individually developing the highest quality, high-quality everyday wines and exclusive vintages.

Bottwartaler Winzer cooperative, one of the most important in Württemberg, has around 660 vineyard workers. With 307 hectares, they cultivate most of the Bottwartal’s vineyards. The professional processing of the vineyards – in conjunction with the favored by the soil and climate Bottwartal – forms the basis for the high grape and wine quality.

The preservation of this quality is the common goal of Weingärtner and Butler. Already at the grape reception, therefore, the separation takes place according to variety, location and Oechslegraden. The pressing and maturing of the wines, from pressing to bottling, is done professionally and is subject to the constant control of government agencies as well as of the board, the supervisory board and all the members who watch the work of their cooperative with a keen eye.

This adaptation to the market, combined with the high quality of our wines, makes it possible to achieve adequate yields and to secure for our vine growers their income from viticulture.

All in all, Bottwartaler Winzer cooperative society looks as the blessings of every vine-growers, to the benefit of wine lovers, for the benefit of recreation in a cultivated wine landscape, and not least for the benefit of our economy.

This 2019, Bottwartaler Winzer eG has joined Singapore Wines, Spirits and Beers Competition and won six gold medal and three silver medal. Here are the list of wines that won in the competition:

2018 Gewürztraminer Qualitätswein

2016 Lemberger Qualitätswein trocken; im Eichenholzfass gereift

2018 Muskattrollinger Qualitätswein rose

2018 \”Vinian\” Trollinger mit Lemberger Qualitätswein rose

No.6 – Der Sauvignon blanc; 2017 Sauvignon blanc Qualitätswein trocken

No1. – Der Merlot; 2017 Merlot Qualitätswein trocken

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

2018 \”LEM\” Lemberger Qualitätswein rose lieblich

2017 Riesling Spätlese feinherb

No.2 – Der Pinot Meunier; 2015 Pinot Meunier Qualitätswein trocken

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper


For more information please visit Bottwartaler Winzer please CLICK HERE:

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