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Food in Singapore

Discover the Award-Winning French Oysters Taking Singapore by Storm!

Are you a distributor or importer looking for an exceptional French oyster brand that has been recognized for its quality and taste? Look no...

Olive Oil Cartel : Taste the freshness of this robust olive oil with a buttery smoothness and a slighty burning sensation

The Olive Oil Cartel is established by a young couple from Miami that followed their dreams to establish an olive grove in Morocco.Located at the foot of the famous Atlas...

LECCA GLOBAL PTE LTD : Natural Premium Feminine Products, empowering women and supporting the practice of self-care

Lecca Global Pte Ltd is a locally owned and operated company. Lecca Global Pte Ltd has designed premium quality goods, made in SFA accredited...

Oh soy: Singapore team eyes commercialisation after turning okara into DHA-rich products to aid brain health

A Singapore team has developed three soy-based and DHA-rih functional food prototypes from okara - the by-product of soy milk and tofu manufacturing.Read more...

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