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La Biòca S.r.l. agricola : Produce the best of Langhe wines

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La Biòca winery is situated in Serralungad’Alba, in Piedmont.

The word “biòca” comes from the Piedmontese language and it is used to describe a decisive person often with a “tough head”, just like us that with all our ambitions make all our best to express the excellence of this land through the wines we make.

The history of La Biòca winery is not very long, they started business in 2012 and are rather young considering all the old wineries around us, only 9 years.

However, La Biòca winery strengths are passion and youth. They work with autochthon grapes using the traditional methods of production but at the same time, they are not afraid to experiment to obtain new and interesting results. For example, They work with quite rare but very interesting vines in the area: Pelaverga and Rossese Bianco. Some time ago, They bought the amphora to be able to experiment with Nebbiolo. La Biòca always try to surprise their customers and offer to them something special and delicious.

La Biòca vineyards are situated in the villages of Monforte d’Alba (Bussia & Vigna Chiesa), Novello (Ravera), La Morra (Castagni &Croera), Barbaresco (Secondine & Ronchi). The most of the eight ha under vines are of our property and all of them now in production.

La Biòca winery produce around 80.000 bottles per year, most of them – traditional Langhe wines as:

Traditional wines: Sparkling rosé wine VSQ brut (Ricciante), Langhe DOC Rossese Bianco, Langhe DOC rosato Karina (rosé wine), Dolcettod’Alba DOC Superiore, Barberad’Alba DOC, Langhe DOC Nebbiolo.

Selections: Langhe DOC Rosso (Pelaverga), Langhe DOC Favorita, La Pipina (Nebbiolo vinified in amphora).

The Big reds: Barolo DOCG Aculei, Barolo DOCG Stolét.

The crus: Barolo Ravera DOCG, Barolo Bussia DOCG, Barolo Monvigliero DOCG, Barbaresco Ronchi DOCG, Barbaresco Secondine DOCG.

Now La Biòca has two warehouses and the underground cellar, also the winery has a spacious tasting room and an agritourism with six comfortable rooms. Therefore, when you come to their winery you cannot only taste their wines but also remain at the agritourism for some days and enjoy the fantastic landscapes of Langhe and have a food and wine experience.

Very recently, La Biòca S.r.l. agricola has joined Singapore Awards 2021 and won  TWO GOLD Medal award and a SILVER Medal award, La Biòca S.r.l. agricola wines are indeed the best quality.

Barolo Riserva 2013 – LA BIOCA

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper



Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

Barolo 2017 – LA BIOCA

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Interview of Ms.Olga Lamina – Export Manager

Question 1: Do you already export to Singapore ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in Singapore ?

Unfortunately for us, we don’t export to Singapore yet but we would like to open this amazing market for our wines.

Mostly of our customers are restaurants and wine bars, and certainly,we sell many wines to private customers and through e-commerce that has developed a lot after the situation with Covid.

Therefore, we are looking for an importer / a distributor who could deliver our wines to end customers to demonstrate the excellence of the Langhe soils.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors?

We are the team of young people, ambitious and passionate about our work. We like what we do in life and we try to express all the beauty of the territories in our wines. It is not only wines that are made well, clean wines, quality wines, every winery can produce clean and quality wines, but our wines tell their stories, they are like people, one is a little soft, another one is more arrogant, the third is more precise, the fourth is decided, the fifth is sweet and delicate like a girl…

Our wines talk to you, whisper, chat, tell you where they come from, from which soil, if there was a lot of sun or it was raining… With every sip, you get to know them more and more and at the end, you become passionate like us 🙂

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years?

We started exporting of our wines in 2012, to the United States and Great Britain. Now we also work with Australia, Brazil, Thailand, Canada, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, China, and Japan. We have done a good job during these years but we do not think to stop, the world is big and we want to expand, our wines are too good to stay in the warehouse 🙂

Our future plans … We would like to conquer the Singapore market of course, and then our interests are towards India, Korea, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Latin America … we still have countries to add 🙂

For more information about La Biòca S.r.l. agricola please CLICK HERE: 

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