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Heihoef : Dutch Quality Pork

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 Heihoef is a collaboration of pig farmers with ambition!

Tiny Schepers is an ambitious entrepreneur on the Heyde Hoeve in Nuenen and is also the founder of the partnership between farmers. The farm has been in the family’s possession for 63 years! 

De Heyde Hoeve farm is located in the village of Gerwen, municipality of Nuenen. The village is located in the Meierij of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The village is located in the Meierij of ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The farm is located on the lands that used to belong to the Duke of Brabant. During the middle ages there were different loanlords who farmed out the property to various residents. During the sixties of the last century the Heyde Hoeve became the property of the Schepers family. The parents of the current farmer and CEO Tiny Schepers. The map of 1836 shows that the surroundings of the Heihoef (later it became Heyde Hoeve) looked very different.

Vincent van Gogh also almost certainly roamed the fields of the Heyde Hoeve. This world-famous painter lived and worked in Nuenen in the period 1883/1885. Did he find his inspiration here for his paintings of peasant life? If you take a walk in nature in our area, you can still taste the atmosphere of the past! Since 1955 the farm has been owned by the Schepers family. They kept cows and pigs in the old farm. Mien and Karel had 5 children. Son Tiny took over the business from his parents and specialized in the pigs. He is the current owner and renovated the old stables and the farm. De Heyde Hoeve is the birthplace of collaboration Heyde Hoeve. A cooperation of pig farmers with attention and care for the animal and preservation of the natural environment.

Heyde Hoeve pork is of excellent quality. The pigs are of the Duroc breed. Duroc pigs have beautifully marbled meat, which not only ensures tenderness and juiciness, but also a full, pure taste. The Heyde Hoeve pig was voted “Best Pig in the Netherlands” in 2012, based on taste and sustainability! That is enjoying pork with the taste of vrüger!

And this 2019, Heihoef has joined Singapore Taste Awards and won four Gold Medal in this competition:



Quinoaworst Medina

Droogworst Walnoot / Truffel

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper


Interview: Mr. Tiny Schepers

CEO of Heihoef in The Netherlands

CEO, Founder of the cooperative network of farmers who take their responsibility and want build on sustainable production of cattle and pork by working together.

Question 1: Do you already export to Singapore ? If yes, where ? If no, what type of importers & distributors are you looking for in Singapore ?

Answer :  We do not export to Singapore yet. On international trade fairs we have made good contacts with serious companies who are interested to buy and import Heyde Hoeve Duroc meat. Besides the fresh frozen meat we found importers interested in value added products such as dried sausages and hybrid products. We are interested to build up business in Singapore with importers and wholesales of fresh frozen Cross Duroc meat and meat products derived from the Heyde Hoeve Duroc pork.

Question 2: What is the most unique and qualitative part of your products, different from competitors ?

Answer : The Heyde Hoeve Duroc brand is unique and famous for three important items:

  • The excellent taste of Cross Duroc pork meat, the Heyde Hoeve Duroc brand. Proven to be the most tasty pork meat in The Netherlands in recent history, announced by a panel of top level chefs of famous dutch restaurants.
  • The inspiring story of sustainable, circular pork breeding and pork meat production.
  • The traceability of pig and pork meat throughout the complete production chain.

Furtermore we produce top level dry cured sausages, hybrid products based on Duroc pork and quinoa, ready meals and stews. Also these innovative products are about the conquer the world market.

Question 3: When did you start to export your brand worldwide, and what is your development plan for the next years ?

Answer : We have been starting to build up international relationships since we decided to take part in international trade fairs such as Anuga and Sial. The first time it was three years ago during Sial Paris in 2016. Our aim is to build up international relationships worldwide. This because we are a growing company and meet more and more interest for Cross Duroc pork meat from abroad. Importing countries like Singapore are showing more and more interest in food with a fair and sustainable story. Heyde Hoeve is telling this story and is ready for exploring export markets such as Singapore. Our plan for the next years is to build this up together with reliable business partners worldwide.

Thank you so much Mr. Tiny Schepers for your time and answers !

For more information about Heihoef please CLICK HERE:

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