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Family Spirits BV : Crafted with Passion, Handmade in Belgium

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Grandsons Niels & Wouter few years ago decided to go and forage in the family garden to reproduce the handwritten recipes of their grandparents and tweak them into a series of modern aperitifs. This using the same rebellious ways as their grandparents did before them. Some sceptics couldn’t hold them back to go against the stream. Soon after, the name Kiss My… popped up.

Proud on the results they shared their work and in no time it got picked up by high-end cocktailbars and Michelin starred restaurants. From that moment on it was going strong for the brothers and it hasn’t stopped ever since.

With backgrounds in the culinary world and interior design Niels and Wouter had the perfect base to make Kiss My a succes in flavor and appearance.

As demand grew also did their ambitions. Sharing their grandparents recipes with the world is the quest they accepted.

In their early days, our grandparents were not only madly in love with each other but also with nature and how to preserve it.

Obsessed with good food, wine and spirits, they were always looking for new flavors to please their family, friends and pallets. As natures rebels, never bending to expectations, going their own way.

As time passed by the recipes got more experimental and full bodied.

From the family garden our grandfather picked fresh produce, full of etheric oils and juices, to add complexity to his aperitifs. A well balanced mix of spices and herbs gave them depth.

As their love for fine drinks grew, also did their family.

Three sons were raised with deep rooted hedonistic values.

Like the passion for great products, recipes were passed down.

Recipes that keep on bringing families together. Celebrating great food, drinks and life.

Kiss My is an atypical crafted aperitif with carefully selected wines and fine distillates at its base. It’s an atypical vermouth in the sense that we not only use herbs and spices but also fresh fruits.

Kiss My is based on the handwritten recipes, elaborated by the grandparents of the Kiss My founders Niels & Wouter Vandekerkhove. The first recipes go back to 1958 and now have been recreated into a modern aperitifs.

Family Spirits BV carefully source and select wines, distillates, herbs, spices, peels and barks, working closely with growers and  farmers to find the very best ingredients that our master craftsmen can work with.

Very recently, Family Spirits BV has been recognized and awarded two gold medal and a silver medal by Singapore Newspaper Wines & Spirits Awards 2020.

Kiss My Rhubarb – Atypical crafted aperitif

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

A succulent marriage between rhubarb, crisp rosé wine, delicate distillates and all the freshness of lemon thyme and lemon verbena. Aromas of rose and geranium and a hint of pink grapefruit take you to those hot summer nights.

Kiss My Rhubarb is a Belgian Vermouth with an infusion of rhubarb, citrus thyme and lemon breebush.

This results into a rosé vermouth enriched by the sour taste of rhubarb, the freshness of citrus and a floral hint of rose and gerarium.

It is perfect as apéritif (on the rocks), or digestive and as part of a refreshing cocktail.

Kiss My Nuts – Atypical crafted aperitif

Awarded Gold by Singapore Newspaper

The abundance of young green walnuts, full bodied red wine, rich distillates and the warm embrace of cinnamon and clove. A flashback to those great family dinners, plenty of food and drinks, and an occasional drunk uncle.

Kiss My Blackberries – Atypical crafted aperitif

Awarded Silver by Singapore Newspaper

Family Spirits BV - Singapore Newspaper

A harmonic blend of ripe blackberries, fresh white wine, refined distillates and a stubborn touch of fennel. Aromas of red fruits and anise take you to the south and make you want to polish your balls for a game of petanque.

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