Singapore Awards 2023

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, our journalists will write and publish an article about your brand within the next weeks after results if you receive Awards. You will receive an email from us after results to ask for informations you want to communicate about your brand. 

Official Awards Results are published in our online economic newspaper first, and shared with other media in Singapore and in Asia. 

We send results by email to Importers, Distributors, Hotels and Restaurants, Airplanes Companies, Duty Free shops, Convenient Stores, Retail Shops and all other professional buyers from Singapore and whole Asia. 

Our competition is Market Oriented, so we select judges mainly from distribution and import companies. (Experienced professional Buyers). A few judges can be Food and Beverage specialists and Food and Beverage B to B journalists. Our jury members are international (Asia – Europe – America).

Each jury member follow the same rating process. Final Ratings are between 1 and 5 for each product. 

A product with a rating below 3 in not awarded. 

A product with a rating between 3 and 4 is Silver Awarded. 

A product with a rating above 4 is Gold Awarded. 

Our jury attributes ratings for each product separately, judging the potential of each product for the local market and final customers. Our goal is to give a guarantee to distributors that awarded products have been tasted and validated by a professional jury. The quality is judged as higher than the average quality they could find in the global market. 

Our competition is market-oriented, that means that it rewards all good or excellent products for our market.
Our jury of professional buyers working for importers and distributors gives Silver medals to products acceptable for the market, and Gold medals for the best products.

We award many more products than traditional non market-oriented competitions, because our medals are actually more a quality label than a very technical note.

It is very important to understand this before participating in our competition, because usually a producer sees either his entire range rewarded or no product in its range.

Most producers of niches and Protected Designation of Origin products with a very high quality manufacturing process earn medals for all their products presented (Gold or Silver – based on grades)

Mass producers who do not offer sufficient quality for the market generally do not get any medals.

To win medals with a highly technical jury but away from the market and consumers, most other contests offer this. We are not at all in this logic, which explains our high proportion of medals compared to other competitions. 

We propose different competitions for different type of products (Food / beverages …). 

During the tastings, our jury can divide products into categories if they need it.

But each product is judge separately and official results are not sorted by categories.

Our competition is Market Oriented, so the proportion of awarded products is much higher than in majority of non market oriented competitions. 

There is a huge difference between Silvers Awards and Gold Awards. 

We don’t communicate on Awards proportion, but all Awarded products have a higher quality than average similar products worldwide (with of course a much higher quality for Gold Awarded products). 

Importers and Distributors purchase in priority Awarded products in Asia. 

Singapore Awards provides you value and high visibility in Asia. 

If you win Awards, an article will be published about your brand: it’s a high value to help you to find new importers and distributors. 

After official results and payment, we send you vectorized files to print your Awards directly on your products labels or on individual stickers. 

We don’t provide stickers but you can use original vectorize files to print them depending on your needs. There is no additional cost, you can print as many stickers as you need for your awarded products. 

After Official Results and payment we send you all vectorized official certificates for each Awarded product. 

Within 24 hours after your registration you will receive an email with your unique competitor number (please note it on all your parcels and emails) + with the address where you need to send your samples.