Communication & Marketing

International Press & Media

The results are shared in Singapore, Asia, but also around the world through local and international media.
Thousands of journalists and media are informed of the results and can share them in their communications networks for professionals and individuals.
Winning a medal at the Singapore Taste Awards guarantees international media coverage to all the award-winning brands.

International Distributors & Importers

Official results are communicated to professional food and beverage buyers from Singapore, Asia and International.
We mainly target importers and distributors who are likely to be interested in the results of Singapore Taste Awards.
These are thousands of potential new customers for the brands that participate in our contest each year.

Certificates & Medals

Each awarded product receives an official certificate and a gold or silver medal.
This medal can be used on all communication media of the brand.
The official list of all medal winning products is also visible on the Singapore Newspaper website.
All certificates and medals are transmitted in digital format for the communication of brands. All communication rights are given to them regarding the medals.